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What Happens in an Initial Appointment?

As the school holidays end and a more normal routine with work, school and extracurricular activities re-establishes itself you may be looking at your plans for the New Year. We have spoken to several people recently who have been simply looking for information regarding Family Law to see what direction they may take.

At Blackwell Short we offer a fixed fee initial consultation in Family Law where you can spend some time asking all of the questions you may have and receive an answer specific to your family – rather than trying to see how it applies to you after some time spent on an internet search engine or speaking with friends and family who have had a different experience altogether.

In our initial appointment we will discuss:

1. What the first steps for you will be;

2. How to avoid litigation (if applicable);

3. How the children may spend their time with both parents;

4. How the property pool may be treated;

5. How long each stage may take;

6. What the costs may be; and

7. Answer any other questions you may have.

This also gives you the opportunity to ask your questions without the obligation of retaining a solicitor until you are ready to act. We will provide you with a list of things to do when you are ready but it allows you to consider your position and make a decision in your own time.

If you are looking for answers to your Family Law questions please contact Alison on [02] 6393 9200 or


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