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Separated Families & School Holidays

This is a really difficult time to juggle work commitments, Christmas closures and the five and a half weeks of school holidays [more if your children attend a private school]. For separated families there is the added balance of running out of annual leave, who is going to pay for holiday care or which family members can care for the children while both parents are at work.

Court Orders for this long school holiday period vary dramatically. It can be half of the holidays for each parent with a short changeover on Christmas Day or it seems more common this year by consent, was a week about arrangement for the duration of the holidays. Either way, it is best to have a conversation as to how the holiday period will flow now and without your children being present to ensure that any differences in opinion are resolved before the children finish school. This way the children will also know what time they will be spending at each household.

Reassure your children that you will be more than ok while they spend time with the other parent and you have plans to keep you busy. It helps if you have plans to work or re-charge yourself while your children are spending time with their other parent. If there is an order or agreement for telephone and FaceTime make use of this time to see what your children have been doing and encourage them to continue to enjoy themselves while they are away. Exchange photos where possible so you can share the experiences with your children.

If you need some help in coming up with an outside of the box arrangement for the children to spend time with you and the other parent or some assistance with negotiating with your former spouse please call Alison Neville at Blackwell Short on (02) 6393 9200 or email to make an appointment to discuss your matter with our experienced family law team.



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