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Divorcing once the children are all grown up – what is different?

There has been an increase in people separating later in their lives when the children are grown and plans for retirement are being discussed. The house may be paid off, investment properties or business ventures purchased. Superannuation balances are higher, all requiring a very different approach to couples with young children who face challenges such as child support and the delicate balance between paid work and child care.

Ability to support yourself in your retirement

Together you may have planned a comfortable retirement, living in the mortgage free family home but now your resources need to look at running two households and this may cause you to reconsider when you will stop working and what you can afford in the longer term. It is important to obtain financial advice as to what you need to cover all of your expenses and what can be done to increase your wealth once the property settlement is completed to put you in the best possible financial position for your future.


It is rare that both parties superannuation balances are similar. In a long marriage superannuation will likely be divided more equally.* Unless one or both parties have reached retirement age these funds will not be accessible for some time. This may be a problem for one party who needs to find another home and set it up and does not have the resources to do so. Again financial advice is very important to allow you to make an informed decision.

We will work with your accountant or financial planner to ensure that your property settlement maximises your financial goals and consider the short and longer term tax implications of any adjustments. You can get advice on what various situations may look like before making an offer of settlement.

Health Issues

One party may have developed one or more health problems that will impact their future. This will also need to be considered in a settlement. Impending surgeries may result in time off work in physical industries and recovery periods adding to financial pressures.

If you are looking for advice for your property settlement after your children have left the nest call Alison Neville at Blackwell Short for an appointment on [02] 6393 9200 or email to discuss your specific needs.

*Subject to individual circumstances. This is general information only.


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