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Mobile Phone Detection Cameras

1 December 2019 saw portable mobile phone detection cameras installed in NSW with another 35 planned over the next four years. They will include fixed and transportable trailer mounted cameras.

The cameras sophisticated software automatically detects if a driver is handling a mobile phone. Before issuing the driver with a fine the filtered images are checked by authourised personnel.

Drivers who are detected in NSW will receive warning letters for the first three months. However NSW Police will continue to enforce illegal mobile phone use and issue drivers with infringements.

Warning signs will not be erected before the mobile phone detection cameras. So unfortunately all drivers in NSW will not know of the installation areas.

Legal mobile phone use:

When driving in NSW you are required to park the vehicle in a designated parking area and the vehicle stopped before using a mobile phone.

Fully licenced drivers are not allowed to use any function other than to take or make a call, play audio, or use navigation maps. However these functions can only be activated by voice if any of the functions require the driver to touch the mobile phone, then the driver will need to stop the vehicle correctly.

Currently laws for the use of smart watches and tablets while driving are not specific however police are able to issue the driver with a fine such as ‘not having proper control of vehicle’.

Fines if detected by the cameras:

For further information please follow the below link:

The information in this article is subject to changes.


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