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A new COVID 19 Duty List for the Family and Federal Circuit Courts

This week the Family Court has announced a new duty list to deal with urgent applications arising from COVID 19 isolation. A Registrar has been appointed to assess the urgent matters and if they meet the criteria, they will be listed before a Judge within 72 hours. Judges from all over the country will hear the urgent applications by telephone or Microsoft Teams.

Urgent Applications will be heard if they involve:

  1. An increase in risk of family violence due to the limitations on families to conduct their normal routine.

  2. If supervised contact is no longer available to a parent.

  3. Parents live on opposite sides of state borders and are affected by closures.

  4. A parent or child is ill with COVID 19 and cannot comply with their parenting obligations.

This program will run for three months where it will be re-assessed.

Further information is available on the Court’s website at


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