Wills & Estates

Wills: Logging off for life

Take steps now to ensure your online presence is managed appropriately after death. Digital assets do not have an expiry date. The question of who should have post-mortem access to digital assets is of particular importance in the context of estate planning and management. Dealing with digital assets may not … Read more →

Are executors of wills entitled to be paid? Not as often as you’d think

If you’re chosen to be executor of a will, it helps to know when you’re entitled to payment. And if you prepare a will, and wish the executor to receive payment, you should make some provision for this through what is commonly called a “charging clause”. Professionals with business, legal, … Read more →

Superannuation: Make sure your death benefit nomination is valid

The deed establishing a superannuation fund usually provides for money to be paid on the death of a member of the fund. However, the death benefit does not form part of the member’s estate, as it is usually understood. The inheritance of a superannuation death benefit is not always determined … Read more →

Preparing wills: A gift halved by company taxes

It’s always wise to take legal advice when preparing a will to avoid the risk of your family losing much of the gift. Take, for example, the case of a wife, Kate. She wants to leave everything to her husband Scott, except her share portfolio, which she wants to go … Read more →