Property Law

Many holiday-house lettings illegal

Hundreds of central coast holiday home-rentals have been exposed as unlawful by a recent court decision. A court has found that renting out a home in a residential zone for short-term holiday letting is prohibited and in breach of planning laws. The decision hinged on the interpretation of what uses … Read more →

Owners corporations: A new approach to duty to repair and maintain

A recent decision contradicts the legal view for the past 20 years on claims for damages by lot owners against their owners corporation. In the recent case, the court of appeal found a lot owner had no right to claim damages for breach by an owners corporation of the duty … Read more →

Exemption from land tax: Deciding on a principal place of residence

In a recent case, a parcel of land was found to be exempt from land tax where the land owner was living in a garage he had built on the land. The law exempts land that is a “principal place of residence” from land tax. The person had bought land … Read more →

Sellers of land face GST bill: Sub-divided farm land not exempt

If you’ve owned farm land since before the introduction of capital gains tax, you might expect that the significant capital gain you stand to make in selling part of your property will not face a GST bill. But that may well not be the case. A couple owned land jointly … Read more →