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Things to avoid in your family law matter

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If I see a solicitor doesn’t that mean I will have to go to Court?

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Introduction to Alison Neville

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Who counts as a parent? Family Court holds conflicting views

In two recent cases involving sperm donors, one an IVF case, the other a commercial surrogacy arrangement, the family court arrived at conflicting conclusions about who was a parent. In the first case the court noted it did not have a comprehensive definition of parent and it should be given … Read more →

Relocating your child

When a parent independently relocates with a child, without the full knowledge or consent of the other parent, courts may take a dim view of their action. In a recent case, the Family Court found that a father who unilaterally decided to relocate his child “lacked insight” and was an … Read more →

Changes to family violence definition

The definition of ‘family violence’ has been broadened to include economic and other forms of non-physical abuse. Recent changes to family law aim to more accurately reflect the experience of family violence, taking better account of the complexity of the issues involved and the varying patterns of behaviour the violence … Read more →

Time with grandkids: The special relationship of grandparents

In a recent case, a paternal grandmother asked the Family Court to order that she be permitted to spend time with her grandchildren. The mother of the children opposed the application, alleging that it was a backdoor attempt to increase the amount of time the father could spend with the … Read more →

Family arrangements: Informal agreements pose hurdles when challenged

The trust that usually exists in family relationships often leads to arrangements between family members, even major financial ones, being made on an informal basis. This can cause problems when disagreements arise or one family member dies and the arrangement has to be proved in court. An unfortunately clear message … Read more →